Haunted and Mysterious Australia: signed [book]


Why are the Min Min lights so mysterious? Is there really a Tasmanian bunyip? Where is Australia’s most haunted house or most haunted town? These stories range from poltergeists in tunnels beneath Sydney to ghost ships and spooky goings-on in disused gaols and historic penal settlements. There are yowies, a rash of ghosts in the nation’s capital, haunted shipwrecks, a glowing cross, a knife-throwing phantom and a variety of wandering beasties who infest the swamps, forests and highlands of Australia.

Complete with full-colour photographs, illustrations and a comprehensive list of ghost tours, Haunted & Mysterious Australia is fascinating reading for anyone with an interest in things that go bump in the night – true believers and sceptics alike.

Specially signed by Tim the Yowie Man.  Free domestic (Australia wide) standard shipping included.



The impetus for this book was that the 2006 version has been long out of print but it was still sought after. This 2017 version is an update of all that was in the first one plus 16 pages of new stories.

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2 reviews for Haunted and Mysterious Australia: signed [book]

  1. TROY LENNON, Daily Telegraph 24 August 2017

    Why travel to Europe to visit ghostly houses and enigmatic locations when Australia is jam-packed with them. in this wonderful travelogue Tim The Yowie Man, our resident expert in unsolved mysteries and strange happenings, takes us on a tour of some of the spookiest, weirdest and most fascinating spots in Australia. Like the pub in country NSW where beer glasses can be magically suspended in the corner of a tiled wall. Or the spirits in the Snowy Mountains who guide skiers to safety, which are markedly different to the mischievous shoe-stealing ghost on Norfolk Island, the evil lurking in a river crossing at Carnarvon Gorge in Queensland or the destructive Humpty Doo poltergeist. Tim has gathered incredible stories from all around the country, looking at ghosts, geographical anomalies, UFOs and fairies. While he shows a healthy scepticism and a sense of humour he never mocks people for their beliefs and lets readers judge the evidence as presented. Don’t read this sitting alone in the dark. TROY LENNON, Daily Telegraph 24 August 2017

  2. LETEA CAVANDER – Daily Mercury 5th Aug 2017

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